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Monday, July 7, 2008


i might be moving back to blogger !!!

MIGHT might only lar ........................

LJ kinda abit not suitable for me LOL !!!

stay tuned to these two blogs, will make a decision real soon !! =p

/6:48 AM

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ok i've moved to livejournal, ironically when i say i wanna stop blogging right !!!!!! haha.

to address the rightfully innocent girl, this childish girl decided to fall into your trap to post another post :) YEAH I'M A BITCH whatever you might say, i will agree =)

webby: http://lethal-ant.livejournal.com

/2:33 PM

Monday, May 26, 2008

i wanna close everything down. i don't wanna blog anymore.

after knowing the truth of everything and all, i really don't know how to react to the feeling of anger i never ever felt before. so immense that i feel like killing mangalpandey.

sorry to jian long that i wronged you *i hope you were telling the truth. and to the real mangalpandey, pls stop doing things that will make JL be accused and make him carry the blame for you, it's not fair. i don't know why you behave so differently virtually and in real life, i don't know why you wanna act like a hypocrite, but you just make people see the ugly side of a human when his behaviour is not at all expected.

it's better to be not that smart, than to actually be so immature to do things that will cause misunderstanding towards the person who you wanted to "stand up for". it's still better than being so two headed that when you see me, you smile smile and joke joke nicely cause your identity cannot be hidden. then after that hide your identity and do ridiculous things. so you can call me stupid or whatever, i don't mind, as it just reflects how ugly your personality can be.

side track abit, pls bear in mind your religion teachings, don't throw face pls. i can't believe u did it and i'm not gonna say more about you anymore.

as for jian long, now i only feel that it's totally my fault. even when my friends tell me it's partial, i really don't know how to blame you. you tell me to stop mentioning about our relationship, i know it's easier said than done. i don't know why it can be so easy for you to say that. but whatever it is, take it as you never ever loved me at all.

i feel very very hurt about things, and i know there's no one i can pour it all out to. i really wanna whack some thing until i feel nothing at all.

i wanna take a very long break so people, this blog will be closed in a week's time. unless i'm that lucky to have miracles happening to me.

goodbye people, i'm gone.

/2:47 AM

ok after all the rantings, i feel damn stupid. why ? please read on .......................

the above ............ are two IP addresses, opps, maybe one. ok why am i so eng to blog about IP addresses ? because it is from the so called MANGALPANDEY. you know who you are.

i can't anyone so full of self belief and indulgence. don't tell me it's your neighbour or whoever, don't give me bullshit.

i think till now you still think i'm that stupid to be angry over a tagger who talks rot, and be angry without finding out who is it, but too bad, you underestimate my intelligence which is normal, with your standard of judgement which is i don't know what.

and i seriously think you will do this because you are MISTER FUCKING TAN JIAN LONG !!!!!!!

after loading the page 2398478959034503458902 milliseconds ago, i have totally made up my mind that you are not worth my memories at all.

and i believe after our breakup, in less than a month you will get a gf. and no need to guess who, i know that she's been waiting for very long, and perhaps she'll help you to hate me more so that you can forget me and love her more. innocent girl ? rubbish.

you totally force me to be so spiteful towards your despicable actions. and perhaps, i will always hate you too, for making things uglier than they were supposed to be.

bei bi xiao ren !!

/12:59 AM

Sunday, May 25, 2008

the more i read the post the more disappointed am i. the more i feel like crying, no i mean cursing.

it's totally so UNFAIR !!!

why some people can just be so deaf to what i obviously said very clear. always say i never give you choice, NO CHOICE MEH !!! or is you don't choose to use the choice. if you ownself want to pamper me, don't choose, then why blame me ?

if it's really only this time you object, does it mean i must accept ? so if say i agree with you 100times, then one day, i ask you to jump into a river and eat a fish before you come up, must you agree ?

i really never ever expected you to say all those that you have said, cause i always thought you treasured me and will remember the words i say and the promises you made.

now i don't know how to curb that immense disappointment that's threatening to unleash right into your face. i don't know why i start crying out of a sudden on bus. you are totally a stupid fool that makes my presence feel damn empty because apparently you couldn't remember important things i say. you will always remember the bad things that i do, so i'm really convinced that you don't love me at all.

i really don't know how to answer people who ask me what happened. because after reading your post, all that i can answer is that i'm a very bad gf. you never made me felt good about myself. when people ask i can only say, i'm demanding and unreasonable, i really have nothing to say to defend myself.

what have you done to me ?

am i really so bad to deserve this ?

i gave you shit, didn't you give me a fair share too ?

are you even trying to be fair to me ?

your birthday might be coming, but i'll just say it here that i'm gonna throw away your present, cause i don't feel like giving it to you anymore, nor do i feel like seeing it anymore.


me too .............

/10:20 PM

yeah right dear, you are sucha poor thing.

in case you don't remember, your reply wasn't 1 or 2. but your reply was "aiya my house got keep so many pets before, no problem one la."

i even asked if your parents will mind, but all you said was that they wouldn't bother.

and it's not the issue about the hamsters but i think you should remember once when i told you i hate it when you agree to things but in the end cannot do it. that was about a month or so ago, i guess through this period you totally forgot.

and i also told you before if you don't want anything, don't have to act like you want, just tell me. it's not like no choice was given, but throughout this time you didn't choose to object. and gladly, you choose to object the promise you've made to me.

whatever shit that your love has not change i can tell you is bullshit lor. once your mum start nagging, it changes already, once i don't wanna bring those lil things back it change already. all of it has changed already, but because you are the one that change, you don't realise it. i guess it's a wrong choice that i made a month and a half ago, i should have seen it coming and not accept it with open arms.

so now i know, it isn't convenient for all 3 sick hamsters to stay in one house, i don't know what kind of logic is that. but i'm sure when i said that, all you thought of was your mum and that "is she trying to push everything to me?"

don't deny that, i can feel it totally from you. IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL YOU STILL LOVE ME? when there's only happiness you can share with me but not problems.

whatever it is, everything's over now. yes i'll be happier, i never even shed a tear, and i'll find a better guy. THANK YOU.

/10:07 AM

Friday, May 23, 2008

sorry i'm late for a couple of hours because something happened just now. i broke up with my boyfriend, so whatever i've written as boyfriend in the early parts of the post please kindly ignore thanks.

i ALMOST blogged yesterday afternoon, yes almost !!

boyfriend called to say that another hamster fall sick also. yes i currently own three syrian hamsters, 2 boys and a girl. the girl fell really sick and we brought her to the vet. her medical fees is like much more expensive than human's one la. most of it come from the consultation fee which cost us $32.10 for listening to the doctor talk crap. what she say we totally know lor, then plus medicine, came up to about 50plus bucks.

and girl girl is very anti social one, so everytime have to force feed her medicine, my heart very pain =((( there are two types of medicine, they love the natural one but hate the artificial one. then the boy who fell sick damn cute !!! u force feed the gel inside then he will give u the children sulking face and slowly chew the gel HAHA !!! uber cute !!!

then yesterday i just took home the healthy one who will smell your hand while running on the wheel haha, he's the cutestestestest !!!!!!!!!!

ok now for the very very overdue photos =ppp don't get too overwhelmed by the flood of peaktures =)

this is taken like long long long long long ago at suki sushi. so long that i even forgot was it my mum or boyfriend that i went with.

next thing i'll be blogging about is me and boyfriend's 2nd monthsary which was like more than a week ago ? haha. he brought me to some hong kong restaurant located opposite bugis junction which has a decor that brings you back to the olden qing dynasty days LMAO !!!

the "oh-so-normal" menu


the antique antique table, nice ?

SEE !!! even the cutlery so gu dong haha, damn cute. guess what's inside the yellow thingy ?

CHILI !!!!!!!! wa so surprising =.=

look at the number of magazines and media they have been featured on.

was expecting very good food la. but just read on ..................

this was the appetizer which half turned off my appetite.

boyfriend's noodles which was cheap cheap but maggie maggie. very very maggie.

my korean whatever whatever cabbage roll noodles which tasted like tomato soup noodles. totally =.=

yes only this is nice that's why couldn't take before eating haha. it's not very very nice, it's just nice because it's red bean pancake =) and they actually serve the dessert together with main courses =(

this is darling's favourite but still very unpleasant to me. although the food was a mood spoiler, i guess i'm in too good a mood to be upset. boyfriend's sunflower trick really works =)))

come to think of it, our taste buds really quite differ. whatever he finds very nice, i find it very awful =xxx next time he's sure gonna die eating what i cook for him haha !!!

next up is photos from siti nadiah's birthday. i totally didn't know about it, felt so guilty. i got her a present two days later but till now still forget to pass it to her =.= forgetful la me !!!!!!

guess how many cameras were there ?

obviously two HAHA !!

two camera women =)

the three of them, i'm the camera woman this time =pppp

ok let's fast forward !!! to ................... MAYC tutorial LAST wednesday haha.

we were asked to do an artpiece on patterns. partner with khairunnadiah.

identify the patterns and tell me how many are there =)

two beautiful artists =)))

the other pair of artists, what's artist michele doing ?

there she goes again haha.

funniest workpiece of all HAHAHA !!!

with philip's funky fish dance, the whole tutorial was made very very funny and interesting haha. i love his lessons =)))

as compared to the other MAYC lecturer =.= is sian until i lazy to copy lor, straight away take photo haha.

thursday's DLE tutorial, our floor plan =ppp i really think i have what it makes to become an architecture you know =ppp WAHAHA EARN BIG BUCKS !!!!!!!!

i don't know where this photo came from but i know i must have felt super hungry at that time haha !!!

ok this is last friday after school volunteering to help myanmar victims. who never donate huh !!!!!!!!!!!!

our lecturer was damn nice to give us 2bucks each lor haha.

after school i went to find boyfriend at NYP. went to the newly opened nihon mura which is also under suki group la. i totally love the lobster mentai there !!!!!!!!!! should go try if you've never eaten it before.

but the waiter and waitresses there quite noob haha !!! xiang dang nian ................... =xxx

ebi fry maki only for 99 cents !!!!!!

sashimi ~~~~ <3<3


the very very salty shitake mushroom haha.

that's my disgusting boyfriend's expression when i helped him wipe his face. he baby, don't know how to clean up haha.
PAUSED !!!!!!!

the only brown face and most ka jiao hamster of the three.

his brother, very aggressive yet submissive when force fed.

both of them about to fight. brown face snooping around waiting to ka jiao him =.=

pushed him out and snatch his food. see la, going to fight.
FIGHT !!!!
NOW FOR THE GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!
SUPER ANTI SOCIAL and scared of humans. gosh dunno what syrian hamsters all like that. she damn poor thing lor hais, wanna help her also cannot.

her drinking water, cute ?

her xiao pipi LOL !!!

the whole week was kinda jap food rush cause the very next day, my relatives suggested a buffet at balestier which i heavily suspected was sakura. mummy die die say it's not, but when i went over after job training, indeed it was =.= act smart only mummy haha.

but as you scroll down, you'll see that alot of food we can't finish de. ordered damn alot can !!!!!!!!!!!!

who see this photo still got appetite you tell me ? =ppp

walked around then bought "881" and "P.S i love you". i guess i need to buy "lao shi jia lao da" since i broke off with him, i'm not gonna take any other thing from him already.
next day had project. it's vesak day yet the school's so crowded and noisy. construction works was going on at convention center so we chose canteen 1 though the band was playing a distance away. but it's was super hot. everybody was like having heatstroke, lotsa madness. let pictures tell you more =ppp

where got people do project do until can laugh until like that HAHA !!!

see !!! mood swing already haha.

on the way home. i like this view =)
few days later i met him as i needed to bring girl girl to doctor and then go for another training. after that dined at asian kitchen vivocity. yes i'm a bad gf who spends alot of money. bad luck for him.

i wish you would smile like this again, but it's never gonna be the same anymore.

my surprisingly plain bowl of la mian, wanted to help him save money, guess he doesn't know.

his plain fried egg rice, save money too.

side dish: four season beans with prawn.

yes if i wanna help him save money i should change my expensive taste buds abit. i was thinking that i will make ASIAN kitchen my last restaurant meal with him, but none of us expect it to be the last meal together.
but i don't know how to live with someone who has faded feelings and reluctantness to love me anymore. someone who will never remember his promises to me anymore. perhaps i'm boring, demanding and hard to please, but i guess to you now, i'm not worth doing those things as compared to last time.
i can see it through your eyes, and it's very painful to realize this fact. i should never have given us a last chance. sorry for the trouble i might have cause between your mum and you. i'll leave you alone, from now and forever.

the last night together. memories of you and me.
i was trying to stay positive throughout my post, i hope i succeed. but i'm not okay anymore, please tolerate my absence from blogging. sorry readers.

/12:03 AM


对的人Dui De Ren - dai ai ling 戴爱玲



there's only one of me
she's 18 this year (2008)
30th october CAN !!!!
chubby and plump
lively and noisy
she's one fiery-tempered girl, offend her and she'll make life hell for you.
but of course, she's still a very nice girl overall, don't you agree ? HUH !!!

needs and wants


to be happy forever
not to have worries
to be successful in life
a music career or be a housewife


retail therapy
entertainment !!!



my previous blog

xia xue --> a celebrity

NP choir --> <3s

zeke --> my "wife"

jing --> she's a darling :)

yvette --> ECH-ers =)

evelyn --> almost same birthday =)

ray --> auntie rosie !! =p

weenee --> 5years and still counting =)

may aun --> choir president !!!

feng kai --> talk cock boy :)

cong kai --> emo kai :)

joseph --> choir treasurer

shar --> a very very nice guy =)


er jie --> my dearest sister

guo jing --> er jie's wai yu, another bestie =)

heni pok --> pok pok, cute one x)))

dolly --> ah gong !!!

mishi --> one of the best classmates =)

sijie --> pretty and sweet

jun an --> bf of the person above =)

erdiah --> green lover now ;)

dolly --> that siao char bor =p

joey --> JOEY KOR KOR !! haha. =p

wilson --> void decker =)

alvin aka elmo --> BUGGER :)

lance --> my stupid son :)

eugene --> another bugger LMAO :)

keng guan --> someone to confide in :)

ben --> kor kor :)

kailing --> a friend

camay --> from northland

racheal --> cute =)

NONO --> someone ??

kok wei aka MoDs --> sQ's friend

hian leng aka f.i.r --> an ID player =)

samantha --> youngest of the four sisters

sandra --> 2nd oldest of the sisters

stephanie --> eldest of the sisters

cai ling --> 2 yrs classmate

yeemun --> classmates :)

zarraphina micheal zane --> crazy woman !!!

sheryl --> classmates !!

meichan --> classmates !!

jia lin --> SKPS =))

gwen --> out-going and cheerful =p

jean --> great singer, another sop 1 =)

wan ting --> ex schoolmate

kartik --> an ex classmate

brenda --> ex schoolmate

jason --> don't really know him =xxx

did you know?


tang tang =)
mabel =)
wei li
miss unpredictable =)
rach's food blog
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